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de-acquisition, recycling and disposal services nationwide

Regal Asset Recovery

Technology De-acquisition and Disposal Program

A partner of Regal Finance, Regal Asset Recovery was founded in 1994 to provide de-installation, de-acquisition, disposal and recycling services for businesses that seek to maximize the realizable market value from surplus, obsolete computer equipment and to avoid exposure to potential EPA liability. 

The company offers comprehensive capabilities to deal with idle, excess and no-longer-in-use technology equipment of all kinds. 

Contact Regal Asset Recovery at 704-882-9061 to learn how we can help you with your technology disposition.

Working for you

Regal provides our clients with a comprehensive, customiezed suite of technology related lifecycle services and programs that work to maximize the value of "no longer in use" IT assets, while at the same time making sure all assets are recycled under EPA compliatn rules and that all devices are scrubbed of any data prior to recycling.  Our vision of lifecycle programs and services is designed to handle what most IT departments do not staff for.  These issues are satsified by our experienced personnel in a timely and efficient manner.

Based in Charlotte, NC but working nationwide

We are dedicated to serving our clients needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Certified Data Destruction
  • Complete EPA Compliant Recycling
  • Asset Inventory & Reporting
  • Fair Market Value Valuations
  • Asset Aggregation for Return
  • and more

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Regal Asset Recovery 704-882-9061

800-347-8311 or fax 704-882-3939

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